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Technical tours

IGRC2014 is pleased to offer 3 alternative technical tours to places of interest in the Copenhagen area in addition to the conference programme.

All three tours take place TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 16, 2014 in the afternoon,
see the conference programme for more information.

The Technical tours are not included in the conference fee. A separate fee of
760 DKK (101 €) (excl. VAT) is charged for each technical tour. 25 pct. VAT applies.

Visit Avedøre Power Station – One of the top power stations in the world
Avedøre Power Station is situated less than 10 km from the centre of Copenhagen and is one of the best Combined Heat and Power Plants in the world. Avedøre Power Station has a total capacity of about 825 MW and supplies 200,000 households with heat. It produces about 30% of the total electricity use in Zealand, which is about 1.3 million household’s yearly electricity consumption.

Visit a gasworks which produces 30% CO2-neutral gas
Kløvermarken Gasworks uses natural gas, biogas and air to produce towngas to the city of Copenhagen. The visit to the gasworks will also include a visit to the wastewater treatment plant Lynetten where the production and treatment of the biogas takes place.

Visit the future heating system – gas-fired heat pump
At the art gallery “Gl. Holtegaard”, situated north of Copenhagen, there is a heating system consisting of a stand-alone ground-source gas-fired heat pump for heating the indoor areas. The tour will include a technical part (gas heat pump installation) and a cultural part (visit to the art gallery, www.holtegaard.org).

Read more about the IGRC2014 technical tours.

Avedøre Power Station
Avedøre Power Station